1. Fertilize your lawn – Why fertilize your lawn when winter is coming? If you want to have a nice lawn in the spring you have to get it ready in the fall! Same thing if you’re planting seeds.. Start planting your seeds in the fall and watch those flowers bloom in the spring.
  2. Get your HVAC serviced – Make sure your furnace is clean and ready for the cold winter! You don’t want to run into any issues midwinter because you forgot to service your furnace!
  3. Clean out your Gutters – Clear your gutters of all dirt, leaves, and whatever else that may have piled up in there. With the snow coming you don’t want your gutters to be clogged!
  4. Drain and Store Lawn Equipment – Drain the gasoline out of your lawn mowers and store all your equipment for the winter.
  5. Turn off & Drain outside Faucets and Sprinklers – With the temperatures changing, you don’t want any pipes bursting due to the cold. Make sure to drain everything before it’s too late!
  6. Inspect and clean your chimney – I know you’re going to want to use get cozy under a nice warm fire.. but make sure you’ve inspected and cleaned the chimney before doing so… You don’t want any accidental fires due to malfunctioning chimneys.
  7. Take out your ice scrapers, Ice melt & snow blower – Don’t wait until it’s snowing to ensure your snow blower is working. Inspect all your winter equipment and replace whatever needs to be replaced!